technical requirements for acts
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For single point rigging: corde lisse,silks,hoop(for Chinese pole, Trapeze and frame act see relevant page re rig point requirements) 1 rig point (from structural girder, beam etc) load bearing to 250 kilogrammes minimum (ideally 600 kilogrammes) If duet 2 rig points, minimum of 3 metres apart.

Clearance around rig point to feed rigging around ie beam. Minimum height from floor to rig point 4 and a half metres ideal height for full act 6 and a half metres to ten metres (or over) Clearance of 2 metres diameter taken from centre of rig point to floor (floor and air space) allowing for safety of movement during act whilst on equipment.

Access to rig point to be provided by client (ladder,cherry picker with operator etc).Access needed to rig at least 3 hours before performance time (to allow at least an hour for rigging, and 2 hours for preparation before act). After performance access will also be needed to de-rig. If rig point is over 10 metres and rigging is not straightforward, a rigging company may need to be involved (at cost to client.) If venue does not have rig points or sufficient load bearing structures to rig from it may be possible to bring in a rig and in this case riggers will need to be involved and extra time should be allowed in venue to build up and take down rig.

A site visit maybe needed to assess rigging possibilities if details and descriptions of rig points are not available. If required this would need to take place a week ideally before event (cost of travel for this to be provided by client)

Saftey-During rigging ,de-rigging and actual performance, the area under rig points and 2 metres diameter around point should be clear of people.This can be done by roping off area, or by security or staff.